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Your New Home

We offer homes on wheels in these standard sizes:

8' x 24' and 8' x 28'

as well as:

10 foot wide and 12 foot wide tiny home foundation trailers

plus customized dimensions.

We also offer homes on trailers with the ability to remove the tongue and wheels to set on a foundation.



Is your heart set on living in a tiny home that you build yourself, but.... you're unsure of what trailer foundation to build it on?

Does your head spin with the uncertainty of how to:

frame it securely to withstand unpredictable weather as well as travel speeds,
* insulate it to keep you comfortable, and
* insert the windows and doors securely?

No worries... we build shells to fulfill your specific needs.  We can do as little or as much as you wish - including electrical and plumbing!


Going Green?

We're totally on board! 

You decide how green you want your tiny home to be and we will work with you to fulfill your dreams.

Let's talk!



Want a unique tiny home built just for you?

Do you like aspects of several different tiny homes and would really love to incorporate all your ideas into one unique tiny home customized just for you?

Not a problem!  We firmly believe where there is a will, there is a way!  We'll take your ideas and pave the way to building your unique tiny home that houses your dreams!  Let's get started!


OR... do you just want to simply pick up the keys and move your new home to your location?

This dream is completely possible.

Our tiny home plan inventory is growing and will provide a variety of models to choose from.

Contact us to choose one of our models, get on on our schedule and mark your calendar to receive your tiny home!

Our philosophy is:
do it right the first time with the best materials and foundation possible.

And we do.

Your tiny home build begins with a Trailer Made Custom Trailer, a work of art.

We specifically use Trailer Made trailers to ensure that you get a state of the art, rigid, durable foundation --- a trailer that's engineered to be a home foundation first.

16" on-center spaced cross members that are your floor joists -- eliminating the need to build a sub-floor on top of your foundation which leads to 4" extra loft headroom!

  galvanized flashing on the bottom of the frame for insulation

  sealed wiring harness with all LED lighting

electric brakes on every wheel

correct axle and leveling jack placement for load dispersement

Lifetime Warranty!


Then our experience takes it from there:

We frame your tiny home with steel using tried and true practices to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

We use strong recycled steel to frame your home.  The advantages of using steel are:

Weight - 30% lighter than wood
Durable - fire/mold/rot/insects
Recycled - no cutting down trees
Stability and Strength - straight, not warped or gouged
Efficiency - we're really good at building with steel studs reducing the time necessary to create your home


We believe in using quality materials to produce an exceptional product -- as sturdy or sturdier than a conventional home built on a concrete foundation.

You deserve the best!

We would love to begin the conversation to fulfill your dreams of tiny house living.

Why wait?  Contact us today!

NOTE:  A Rainbow Tiny Home is not an RV.

Tiny House living isn't small... it's dreams fulfilled as an expansion into Freedom!
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